Project Management For Marketing

Project management for marketing is dynamic in nature, often requiring individuals to adapt to new processes, take on new duties, and/or prioritize current critical tasks with incoming issues / ad-hoc requests. Because of this structure, project management for marketing is likely quite different from standard project management practices. Without a proper method of managing your marketing efforts, the following common problems can occur:

  • Workloads become chaotic and unorganized.
  • The marketing vision becomes diluted and inaccurate.
  • Reporting becomes invisible and individual accountability is lost.

Marketing Project Management Tools

Having the right tools to plan and execute marketing projects is critical to marketing success. Because processes differ greatly across the marketing spectrum (due to differences in industry and various levels of market competition), the best project management tools are those that give individuals the ability to control their own workflow. This allows people to work in a way that is most comfortable to them while simultaneously boosting their productivity.


Some examples of project management for marketing can include projects like:

  • Designing a product brand or company website
  • Planning an event or webinar
  • Executing an SEM or SEO campaign
  • Strengthening customer relationships through email and social outreach

In addition, an important part of marketing project management is the management of budget and time across projects and portfolios. A truly efficient tool will be able to span the entire breadth of marketing management, connecting each aspect into one definable whole.

AtTask project management software for marketing

AtTask Project Management for Marketing

AtTask’s project management software makes executing marketing projects easy and intuitive, giving users full control over their work. AtTask’s TeamHome feature provides your marketing team with an online collaborative interface, helping individuals work together from anywhere connected to the web. Because many marketing teams are dispersed or have outsourced projects, AtTask is an ideal solution for bringing the workforce together across distances. Whether you are a small marketing department or a large marketing firm, getting work done is not a matter of working harder; it’s a matter of working smarter. For thousands of companies around the globe, AtTask is that smart work solution. See how AtTask can be your gateway to smart project management for marketing.