Enterprise Work Management

Enterprise work management is the business practice encompassing all areas of management from within an enterprise. This includes everything from task management to project management to project portfolio management (PPM). More simply put, enterprise work management manages everything that can be worked on in an enterprise.


Enterprise Work Management Empowers People

Among the various management disciplines, it is sometimes easy to forget that people are what makes work get done. Just by calling them “resources,” what makes people human seems to be removed from the management equation. In contrast to this somewhat objectifying tendency, enterprise work management empowers people and democratizes the workforce. It allows team members to have more control over what they do and when they do it. The relationships between people aren’t based on strict categorizations of superiority, but rather, the relationships support a structure of collaboration.

Enterprise Work Management Creates the “Bigger Picture”

Most importantly, work management gives decision makers the “bigger picture” of work, providing a greater dynamic vision of people and processes that would otherwise be inaccessible. More specifically, enterprise work management draws the “bigger picture” of the enterprise, allowing executives, managers, and team members to make decisions that inspire harmony while maintaining productivity. Because work management causes the enterprise to run as a collective whole, the workforce isn’t burdened by company hierarchy, departmental politics, and team segregation.

Enterprise Work Management Software

Because work management manages both large-scale and small-scale aspects of an enterprise, only one software solution is needed to span the enterprise. By having only one tool, information is easily translatable across teams and departments, all the way up to the CEO level. In contrast, by having multiple management systems, a company places walls between users of different software, thereby placing walls between people and their potential.

Today, using features similar to social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn), work management software has transformed the way people work. By giving the enterprise web-based connectivity, work management software is a platform for all work activity, from regular task and operations management, to team-member communication, all the way to personal computing and complex portfolio reporting.

Overall, thousands of companies worldwide are discovering outstanding boosts in work-life sociality, creativity, and productivity by implementing the best practices of enterprise work management.