Customer Testimonials

GE Healthcare

“We wanted to give our project managers visibility into all of our current projects and resource needs, regardless of where they were in the world. We evaluated several different options, and AtTask was the best solution to meet our needs.”

Marcia Taylor,

PET Radiopharmacy Program Leader

Hanesbrands, Inc.

“We were able to go from 72% of projects delivered on time to 92% and to shorten the process lifecycle from 52 weeks to 46 weeks.”

Lenny Kraftchick

Sparrow Health System

“Integrating our Lawson Financial Management Software was simple, AtTask is built in a way that is almost self-documenting—you don’t see that very often.”

Randy Gephart

Mover’s Suite

“AtTask has been a powerful tool for building stronger customer relationships—we actually talk about how AtTask helps us guarantee a successful software implementation in our sales presentations.”

Allan Lamar


“We work hard to make it easy for our people to do their job and be successful, AtTask makes it a lot easier.”

Tom Hines,


Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU)

“Right out of the box, AtTask provided reporting that allowed us to get to market six weeks quicker than the other solutions we considered.”

Keenan Wagner,

Project Manager


“The competing products we evaluated were locked into specific databases, and AtTask gave us the freedom and security to use our own platform.”

Kevin Rohrssen,

Associated Foods

“AtTask gives us increased visibility into every project. We can see where we’re spending our time, what we’re working on, and make adjustments to keep our people working on the projects that provide the greatest business value.”

Wade Judd Executive,

Director of IT