Project management software solutions are failing, epically.

You’re looking for a project management tool
for a reason, right?

Something is broken. Either your current tool isn’t working for you or you don’t have one and your processes are a mess. But here’s the thing, traditional PPM tools only focus on managing projects. You and your team do more than that. You need more.

AtTask Enterprise Work Management has solutions for:

You need to know this… But instead you get this.

Who’s working on what?

“I don’t know.”

Resource management is so difficult that figuring out who’s working on what feels more like a “who’s on first?” bit.

Are they working on the right stuff?

Toxic waste.

Your team is drowning in a tsunami of emails and status meetings that are pouring precious time down the drain.

Do they have the resources they need?


Your processes and people are so disconnected it feels like you’re constantly trying to play connect the dots…without the dots.

Do they have the information they need?


Work requests come in completely random ways and no one knows what or how much information to include.

How is their work coming along?


There are so many silos on your team that getting data and updates is like pulling teeth…blindfolded. In the dark.

Will work be done on time?


Your current tool is about as useful as a hammer buried in a toolbox. Nobody’s using it because it’s just extra work.

Traditional project management tools fail to adapt to how your team really works.

The truth is, your team does enterprise work that is repeatable, frequent, and requires significant collaboration, but it’s often mismanaged. Most enterprise teams have a disconnected work experience that looks something like this:

Team members use multiple tools.

1. Team members use multiple tools.

Your team members manage their day-to-day work using more tools than Bob Villa. There’s a different tool for everything from task management to file sharing.

Tools differ from team member to team member…

2. Tools differ from team member to team member…

Those people work on your team with other people that are also using absurd amounts of tools.

…and also from team to team.

3. …and also from team to team.

Your team works with other teams in the department that are all using separate tools to manage their work.

Each team receives work requests differently.

4. Each team receives work requests differently.

They may come as emails, phone calls, notes on a desk, conversations, instant messages, or even through a PPM tool, etc.

Everyone works in different ways.

5. Everyone works in different ways.

Each team plans, executes, and collaborates on their work using 10 separate tools and their own set of processes that make zero sense to anyone else in the organization.

The result is complete chaos…

6. The result is complete chaos…

No one is on the same page, you have no clue who is working on what, work gets lost, you’re eating up funds, nothing is on time, and there’s a monkey on a unicycle in the corner throwing banana peels at your head.

Traditional project management software is just another tool—not a solution.

All PPM tools do is add one more disconnected tool to your already chaotic processes and frustrated team. What you really need is a single system.

A single system of Work.

End-to-end work lifecycle.

One system that manages the entire lifecycle of all types of work—both structured and unstructured—from initial request to delivery and measurement.

Unified collaboration.

One system that reduces the information overload you feel by cutting out excess tools and connecting collaboration with work. This means more context, less meetings.

Work automation.

One system that streamlines your repeatable work processes using custom built templates and process improvement to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency.

A single system of Engagement.

Single tool.

One system that combines everyone’s individual work management needs and processes into a single tool, eliminating silos and frustration.

User adoption.

One system that people will actually use because it’s easy, relevant, and works the way people naturally work so it isn’t just another step in an already complicated process.

A single system of Truth.

Work visibility.

One system that provides all levels of an organization with visibility and insights into the truth about workloads, dependencies, and when things will really be done.

People visibility.

One system that gives managers and senior managers visibility into who is working on what, who has bandwidth, and how to justify the resources you have, and the ones you still need.

AtTask Enterprise Work Management is more than a tool, it’s a solution.

You already have plenty of “tools.” Enterprise Work Management is an actual solution that eliminates disparate tools and the frustration of silos and gives you visibility you can trust.

Everyone benefits from the value of visibility.

Senior Managers

Senior Managers.

Senior managers can justify their resources and budgets and can better prioritize how resources are used.



Managers are better able to align their team’s work to corporate strategy and can improve their team’s productivity.

Team Members

Team Members.

Team members are empowered to make better decisions, prioritize more effectively, and work more efficiently.

Vision of Enterprise Work ManagementWatch AtTask CEO, Eric Morgan, explain the vision of Enterprise Work Management.

AtTask is the only Enterprise Work Management Software in the market that is a single system of truth.

At AtTask, we are passionate about creating real solutions that give people a better, more productive work experience. That’s why we’ve created the only Enterprise Work Management solution that provides a single, central system of truth to help enterprise teams manage and collaborate on their work more efficiently.

Hundreds of enterprise teams are already experiencing the value of Enterprise Work Management.

We get it, you’re busy. That’s why we’d never ask you to rebuild your plane in-flight. AtTask has work management experts that will help you on your path to visibility and productivity using best practices and insights from hundreds of customers and based on your team’s unique needs. Unlike others who will leave you on your own to figure it out, we are committed to ensure you accelerate your success and rapidly achieve the value you need.

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Using AtTask, Enterprise teams worldwide are achieving:

Greater Visibility.

“We have one source of truth for all of the data related to our projects. We’re able to get reports really quickly, get data really quickly, tell a story, and, more often than not, bring clarity to the organization and build trust with our peers.”

Bill Maxwell

Director of Communication Systems, Schneider Electric

Increased Adoption.

“I can put someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of project management in front of AtTask, work with them for half an hour, and give them all of the information they need to begin managing a project in our methodology. I can give it to anyone within my IT department or even within my business, and they can easily adopt it. But it also offers the level of complexity that I need from a project management perspective.”

Jen French

IT PMO Senior Manager, American Capital

Meaningful Collaboration.

“There are people who work across the country that we’ve never met. We might email them every day, but we’ve never met them. Already in AtTask I feel like I’m working more closely with those people. I post and that person is instantaneously aware of the comments. We have a crazy amount of work and AtTask keeps up with us. It works as fast as we do.”

Erin Frey

Senior Graphic Designer, House of Blues Entertainment

Better Productivity.

“The value I get from AtTask is the data to market IT internally. We’re running 40 active projects at any given time. 95% of those are within budget. That’s a pretty good story. I couldn’t say that without making up the numbers until now.”

Kim Jacques

CIO, American Capital

AtTask Enterprise Work Management has solutions for: