The AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud

The AtTask
Enterprise Work Cloud

Go beyond traditional project management—get visibility you can trust with Enterprise Work Management.

A new bar has been set for enterprise-grade SaaS.

Unlike other traditional PPM SaaS vendors, we know you have high standards that are non-negotiable. We've built a cloud solution you can trust with critical workflow and data. Alone in the cloud, AtTask is enterprise-class. Learn More >

Work Chaos.

Your current project management systems cover only a small part of your work process, leaving you exposed to a never-ending barrage of confusion and ineffectiveness. Here’s how it plays out...


Enter AtTask: all the visibility, collaboration, and efficiency you need from inbound requests to post-project reviews. Say ‘goodbye’ to project confusion and ‘hello’ to project completion...

Request Management Chaos

Requests All Over the Place

You're ready to start your work when you're hit with a flurry of requests via emails, sticky notes, and desk drive-bys. You do your best to keep track of each one, but without formal process, stuff falls through the cracks.

Requests in One Place

Surprise! All your requests (internal and external) are gathered in one tool and requestors have forms to tell you exactly what they need. Result: you’re on the ball, instead of dropping it.

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Work Planning Chaos

Egocentric Planning

So which projects do you push first? Do you have the resources you need? You don’t have the guidelines or the evaluation tools to make those choices. So you do whatever an influential manager or executive deems most important. Does it accomplish company objectives? Who knows?

Objective-Centered Planning

The guesswork is gone. With AtTask business case builder and capacity planning tools, company objectives rule. You always know what you should focus on next and that it will drive your company to greater heights of awesomeness.

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Work Execution Chaos

Wasteful Redundancies

You’ve done this type of project millions of times before, but each time you have to start from scratch. Instead of focusing on making your projects better and more efficient, you’re wasting time like there’s no tomorrow.

Automated Busywork

In AtTask, you create project templates where assignments and dependencies are all built right in, freeing you from time-wasting redundancy. So what do you do with all that extra time? You focus on knocking out more projects than you ever thought possible.

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Work Communication Chaos

Silent Treatment

Nobody’s talking. You’ve got so many blind spots, you might as well be driving an 18-wheeler. You start asking, “Who’s doing Task X? When will Task Y be done?” Executives start asking, “What the heck is going on?”

Visibility via Collaboration

The intuitive, social media-inspired AtTask interface has your whole team talking. They’re sharing and collaborating with ease. Best of all, their collaboration is giving you the 4-1-1 on what everyone is doing and when it will be done in glorious real time.

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Performance Management Chaos

Dissatisfaction and Failure

It’s hard to say what’s working and what’s not, especially since your information is sprawled out over a dozen spreadsheets and applications. This freaks executives out, and they start withdrawing resources. As projects grind to a halt, odds are more than half of them will fail.

Optimization via Visibility

Things just keep getting better. Since you can see everything in one place in simple reports, it’s easy to spot and take advantage of opportunities for improvement. Executives rest easy, knowing their projects are in your capable hands.

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Work Intelligence Chaos

Repeating Mistakes

Lessons learned? For the few projects that have survived, it’s hard to say what worked or who deserves the praise since you couldn’t track team members’ activities or who was accountable for what. This crazy process is about to hit replay and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Data-driven Improvement

You know all that performance data your projects have been gathering? Turns out it’s an improvement goldmine. You can recognize and reward your best contributors, identify those who struggle, and make your next projects as lean and mean as you are.

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