Project Management software integrations that actually improve your workflow.

AtTask integrations create real business value.

Enterprise Work Management means managing the end-to-end lifecycle of work in order to streamline workflow and improve efficiency by reducing the need to toggle between tools. Our tailored integrations improve visibility and eliminate silos of information—you get data where it is needed, in the context of work.

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You’ve got fragmented tools, silos of information, incompatible data formats, productivity loss, communication breakdown, and in the end, work comes in late or not at all.

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AtTask unifies enterprise work. We have identified the integration points that drive business forward, increase productivity, and break down the silos, putting work in one system of engagement

Enterprise Work Management now in Outlook

Enterprise Work Management now in Outlook

AtTask makes email productive and provides a central place to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of work. Now Outlook users have one place to request, receive, manage and collaborate on work, all without leaving their email.

Now work gets tracked, not lost and collaboration happens in the context of work. Requests are submitted directly into work queues making them visible in a single, centralized place so you don’t have to dig through an avalanche of email to find your work. AtTask gives you visibility into all your work including ad hoc work, work requests and projects.


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Make email productive.
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Online Document and Content Management

Online Document and Content Management

Most enterprise work scenarios require documents of various shapes and sizes at many different stages of work, for collaboration, approvals, and sharing. When documents are separated from the work lifecycle, work chaos is the norm.

The seamless connection between AtTask and leading cloud solutions like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs, and SharePoint ensures that the work flows effortlessly, emails passing documents back and forth decrease, and visibility across information silos improves.

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BOX, Google Drive, Dropbox

Business Applications and Point Solutions

Marketing Automation and Digital Campaign Management

Some point solutions are embedded in your business. We get it. Integrating them with AtTask improves productivity and eliminates the need for more point solutions.

AtTask’s integration with critical applications like ExactTarget, and Jira means digital campaign management, data, and approvals flow easily, keeping the system of truth, truthful and your teams productive.

ProofHQ, Google Docs

Social Enterprise and Collaboration Tools

Social Enterprise and Collaboration Tools

When you have too many ways and places to collaborate, friction increases, data wanders, silos form, and teams stop acting or looking like teams.

AtTask breaks down silos and unifies social enterprise and collaboration tools through integration with common and critical applications like Jive and ProofHQ.

Jive, Jira

Custom Connections

Custom Connections

Every company has different work scenarios, and AtTask’s RESTful APIs are designed to fit your team. AtTask has integrated with dozens of solutions such as SAP and Oracle for specific customer scenarios. Hundreds of AtTask customers use our RESTful APIs to drive information in and out of AtTask.

SAP, Salesforce, Oracle

Why AtTask?

While other vendors seem to be working their way down the alphabet as they integrate one random point solution after another and taking a one-size fits all integration approach, AtTask focuses on real departmental work scenarios and delivers tailored connections to create a seamless work flow. There is nothing random about it—we see a need, and we build an integration to solve it, in the context of the entire lifecycle of enterprise work.