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  • Location : New York, NY
  • Industry : Manufacturing
  • Department : Marketing
  • Employees : 22,700

“We needed a tool that allowed the team to easily view project information, understand resource allocation and drive accountability at the Project Management level.”

– Kathleen Livingston, VP of Marketing Operations

PVH (Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation) manufactures clothing for well-known brands including IZOD, Van Heusen, Arrow and Bass, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Nautica and Kenneth Cole.

Before AtTask, PVH did not have any visibility into their projects. They used manual processes to capture data, but they did not have a good way to share it. PVH had no true visibility into their projects, and their project managers had no way to track team member accountability.

With AtTask, they now have full visibility of projects and can identify critical dates for seasonal spikes in activities. Their project managers use AtTask to track work and set specific deadlines. They use Team Home to collaborate and give their project leaders control and accountability over their work.

  • Location : West Kingston, RI
  • Industry : Energy/Utilities
  • Department : Marketing, Communications, Dev & QA
  • Employees : 18,085

“AtTask has significantly helped us with building relationships among people on different teams. The finger pointing has gone way down. With the launch of Team Home, the data quality on the design team has skyrocketed.”

– Kimberly Johnson, Workflow Platform Manager

Schneider Electric competes in the energy efficiency market. They work to increase sustainability and power efficiency. The group that uses AtTask specifically provides creative/design services to Schneider Global Marketing.

Before AtTask, Schneider experienced a disconnect between team members due to a lack of central information, with no shared timelines. Gathering and acting on facts and figures was next to impossible. Schneider teams were using manual processes to report on their projects and had no real capacity planning.

With AtTask, they have better visibility into the data in terms of time, in terms of resources, and the capacity of the team, in a much quicker way. They now have access to real-time project data. They doubled ad traffic volume between January 2010 and January 2011, and were able to justify adding two new resources; a 200% growth with only a 10% increase in staff.

  • Location : Las Vegas, NV
  • Industry : Professional Services
  • Department : Corp marketing, Creative
  • Employees : 250 (division of The Selling Source)

“It’s been fantastic for us to be able to report on projects. Being able to see what’s going on over a period of time and report on it to our executive management has been awesome.”

– Nicole Camacho, Business Systems Analyst

Partner Weekly uses AtTask across several department for marketing and creative website design. They find and acquire customers in numerous verticals for Publishers and Advertisers.

Before AtTask, they would receive and email and have to drop what they were doing to work on ‘project A.’ Their processes were complex, communication was all over the place (email, documents, etc.), delivery dates were never predictable. They had to work a lot of overtime.

With AtTask, Partner Weekly has reduced email volume by 20%. They reduced status meeting time from 750 person/hours per month down to 100, and cut the number of meetings by 50%. Their efficiency has increased, but more importantly, their teams are collaborating much more effectively.

  • Location : Vicksburg, MS
  • Industry : Healthcare
  • Department : Marketing
  • Employees : 20

“With AtTask, we are actually meeting less and getting more work done. We have the visibility and mobility we need to meet our customer's needs.”

– Erin Hern, Marketing Coordinator

Red Tray Network challenges the traditional approach to optical purchasing by offering maximum available discounts from every optical lab and every frame manufacturer on their extensive vendor list. It’s a simple, straightforward business model and the result of months of negotiating with leading optical labs.

Before AtTask – Red Tray Network used a combination of spreadsheets and another tool so their project data lived in many different places. They wanted a web-based tool that would bring everyone together into one place.

With AtTask – Red Tray designers use TeamHome functionality, while project managers use project management. AtTask is solving their visibility problem. Their designers like being able to see what work needs to be done AND they can also see each others work so they can help out or reassign as needed and meet customer requirements. With AtTask, they are meeting less and getting more work done. Another reason they chose AtTask is the iPhone app. As a small company, they sometimes work at night or at home. AtTask provides Red Tray the mobility needed to get work done.

“AtTask is intuitive. It gives us projected completion dates based upon real time data so we don’t have to waste valuable time gathering all of the needed data manually.”

– Tim Kamer, Director of Operation at LeapFrog Ineractive

Ready access to real time and project updates, projected completion dates and costs provide LeapFrog interactive full visibility into projects.


Leap Frog Interactive (LFI) leverages the power of interactive marketing specializing in comprehensive approaches to media advertising and marketing services for a broad list of global and national brands within the consumer product, fashion and entertainment, financial services and food and beverage industries. They provide consulting, strategy and execution that caters to all aspects of their clients’ interactive marketing and advertising initiatives using a secret formula that mixes “one part logic with one part magic”.

The Challenge

Because LFI provides services for a variety of clients across the globe, they need quick access to all of their documents and data in order to accurately monitor projects and their progress. Before finding AtTask, LFI had no visibility, issue management or resource management. “We were making sacrifices from an efficiency perspective” says Tim Kamer, Director of Operations. “We spent hundreds of extra hours every month to come up with some sort of model to validate decisions. We were able to meet our deadlines, but couldn’t really tell how much it was costing us.”

The Solution

Following a 2-3 year search for a PM solution that could provide for all of their project management needs, narrowing their options down to 50-100 possible solutions, and doing a weighted-based analysis on functions, features and costs, LFI narrowed their final options down to two choices: AtTask and Daptiv. They did demos and worked within test environments for 6-7 months before finally making the decision to go with AtTask because, Kamer said, “AtTask is intuitive. It gives us projected completion dates based upon real time data so we don’t have to waste valuable time gathering all of the needed data manually.”