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Here's a marketing story you can probably relate to.

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Marketing projects usually start out simple enough.

Somebody upstairs has a vision and you get to make it come to life.

The ball gets rolling, but the inevitable happens.

One project turns into sixty and loosely defined work processes quickly snowball into pure chaos.

Before you know it, simple turns into simply crazy.

Everyone gets caught up in a debilitating storm of random email requests, meetings, re-prioritizing, and a lack of visibility.

In the end, frustration reigns supreme.

Deadlines and budgets get missed and people are left reconsidering their career paths.

Is there a solution to the madness?

Yes. And we call it AtTask.

AtTask is the on-demand solution that will bring visibility, communication, and harmony to your marketing workflow.

How It Works

Get the right work done.

Marketing teams are constantly bombarded with new work requests and everyone thinks their request should be “top priority.” AtTask helps you make sure your priorities stay aligned.

Prove your team’s value.

Too many organizations think all marketing teams do is pick out colors and provide swag. Using AtTask, you can easily showcase the true value of your team, what they really do, and why it matters to your company.

Keep the details in one place.

If you’re using more than five systems to manage your work, it’s probably getting old. AtTask can prevent the massive detail overload that comes from tracking multiple projects with whiteboards, sticky notes, Excel, verbal nagging, and emails.

Start with what you need.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you start a new marketing project. AtTask minimizes setbacks due to scattered project data and gives you all the important information you need, from the start.

Get the real story.

80% done is the usual answer people give you, but can you trust it? With AtTask, get updates with real context so you know what everyone’s working on, how they’re doing, and when they’ll be done.

AtTask®: Collaborative Work Management