Survey Shows 3 Reasons Hospital IT Projects Fail

Why do so many hospital IT projects fail to be on time and on budget? A recent survey shows some answers. Download it now.

Hospital IT Under Pressure

Government compliance projects (like Meaningful Use) create the need for you to launch many mission-critical IT projects at the same time. And when you are trying to reach attestation, the sooner the better. This puts a lot of additional pressure on your IT department to complete projects on time and within budget.

IT Projects Have High Failure Rate

Failure is not an option. Yet traditional IT projects have a failure rate of over 70%! These projects that run overtime and over budget cost somewhere between $50 billion to $150 billion in the United States every year. Those kinds of numbers are unacceptable for many hospital IT projects.

So What’s Up?

A poll of healthcare IT professionals at a recent healthcare trade show sheds some light on:

  • Why so many projects run over budget or behind schedule
  • Where the project management process breaks down
  • What is currently being done to improve the project management process

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