Project management tools don’t work. AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud does.

But why take our word for it? Listen to what AtTask customers are saying about the power of one system of engagement.

“After AtTask, our on-time rating went up [from 50] to 80 percent on average, just because we were communicating better than we ever had in the past. It wasn’t just a project management tool. It was a better way for us to communicate.”

Kris Lamp Director, Program Management

Challenge: Unable to get accurate project data from Excel and Microsoft Project across their global team in Asia, Europe, and the U.S., Trek’s on-time product delivery struggled, costing revenue and market share.

Solution: Trek started using the online AtTask enterprise work cloud across multiple departments for all work management, collecting all their work data in one place.

Benefits: Visibility of work management data allows Trek to track projects, anticipate resource needs, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase their on-time delivery rating from 50% to 80%, adding millions in annual revenue.

“With AtTask, we’re 30 percent more productive. That’s pretty amazing when you consider we’re tracking five times more information. That’s priceless!”

Bill Gattinger Senior Manager of Traffic, Production & Direct Marketing

Challenge: Leading up to 2012, the ATB creative services team had grown from five people handling 300 projects per year to 25 people handling 2,300 per year. Unfortunately, their tools had not evolved to match this growth. Requests came in through a Sharepoint page on the company intranet. Traffic managers spent their entire time just trying to update project information across spreadsheets and Microsoft Project. Team members spent hours over the weekend compiling data into reports for the VP of Marketing but still had no way of seeing individual workloads or measuring on-time delivery.

Solution: After finding AtTask through a consultant, the creative services team was impressed with its easy-to-use interface. The solution would give them all the work management tools they needed in one interface.

Benefits: Creative services team members embraced the solution instantly, with all their communications and documents available in one system. The team’s traffic managers got back 30% of their time while tracking five times the data they had previously. With more historical data, the team negotiated with vendors to save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pleased with their success, the team expanded their AtTask license count by 80%.

“With AtTask, we have complete, seamless visibility and communication with a team on the other side of the world.”

Frank Grippo Director of Web Services

Challenge: The Custom Web Visibility group was working in spreadsheets and a homegrown tool to track requests and projects across their 120-person team in New Jersey and an outsource team in India. Their tools lacked visibility into project statuses or resource workloads. Project delivery was erratic, and group turnaround languished at 68%.

Solution: The group director found AtTask and was instantly hooked on the idea that the solution could accommodate their domestic and overseas teams. The AtTask relational database would let them customize reports and queues for the different team members to create visibility they’d been lacking.

Benefits: AtTask was customized to be the group’s primary ticketing system, and began producing invaluable reports that showed the director where each project and request was at any given moment. They got work done in half the time required by their SLA by pushing unfinished work to their India team within AtTask. Using the data in AtTask, they streamlined their processes and increased their turnaround rate from 68% to 88%.

  • Location:
    Jersey City, NJ
  • Industry:
    Professional Services
  • Department:
    Custom Web Visibility
  • Employees:
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“The visibility that AtTask has created into what our team members are working on, where our projects were failing, has been more than worth the price tag. And we couldn’t have had that if our whole team weren’t all in the same tool, working off the same information.”

Eckart Diepenhorst Director of Store Formats (Europe)

Challenge: Store Formats team tasked with more store format refits, but using only email and spreadsheets to track project progress led to lack of productivity and costly late project completions.

Solution: They started working in AtTask, gaining real-time visibility into project status, task accountability and issue notifications.

Benefits: From comprehensive reporting they were able to identify and tackle the root causes behind issues, reducing the refit completion time by two days, increasing revenues, decreasing project costs, and reaching project ROI faster.

“Having critical workload information in one place is by far the most important thing that AtTask has done for us. Being able to see where we are in real time allows us to make better business decisions for our company and ultimately our customers.”

Marcia Gallicchio Director, CORE Resource and Project Management

  • Location:
    Boston, MA
  • Industry:
    Professional Services
  • Department:
    CORE Resource and Project Management
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“AtTask enables us to optimize how we use our talent, get work done better and faster, and focus on our clients.”

Erik Gottesman Director, Delivery

“We have a crazy amount of work, and AtTask keeps up with us. It works as fast as we do. And being able to have my hard numbers has been so useful, especially in the larger scope of the business of Live Nation and House of Blues.”

Erin Frey Creative Director

Challenge: House of Blues Marketing team’s project management tool was difficult to adapt for their nationwide team and failed to provide the data they needed to better manage their projects and resources.

Solution: AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud provided one system of engagement for their entire team to capture all status updates and resource data and turn them into real-time reports.

Benefits: With one centralized tool, the Marketing team could communicate in real-time, anticipate resource needs, and improve their processes.

“AtTask really helps to focus the communication between our departments. It prevents a lot of the stray communication that can happen with email and voicemail. We get stuff done faster and more accurately, without a lot of unnecessary back and forth.”

Greta Mikkelsen Director of Creative Services

  • Location:
    Medford, OR
  • Industry:
    Online Retail
  • Department:
    Creative Services
  • Employees:

“AtTask provides companies like ours the insight, data, and tools to make more business-based decisions, as opposed to just gut reactions.”

Max Cheprasov Sr. Director of Project Management

Challenge: With more than 500 client projects underway at any given time, Covario needed to gain greater visibility into its global project workflow to ensure the most efficient use of resources and talent on behalf of its growing client base.

Solution: From his experience using AtTask at a previous company, the firm’s senior director of project management knew that AtTask could help gather critical project data in one database without intruding on client work,  providing greater project visibility and ROI.

Benefits: With a glance at the AtTask dashboard Covario managers can see in real time how effectively team members and resources are being utilized across the organization. More professional staff time is now focused on important client work and building strong client relationships. Just three months into full usage of the solution, the project management team was already exceeding its 90percent on-time target by eight percentage points. This initial success led the Covario leadership team to extend the AtTask solution across the entire company, encompassing not only the Covario search agency but also the Rio SEO software division.

“The real value of AtTask is the ease of use of the interface. Our team is hugely more productive and we’re able to handle a workload that we simply wouldn’t be able to handle without it.”

Craig Lathrop Senior Program Manager

“I love it when my colleagues look at our group and say, ‘You do what? How do you do that?’ And I say, ‘I have AtTask.’”

Claudia Brozda Director, Professional Services

Challenge: For Claudia Brozda’s new Professional Services team, Microsoft Project and notepads were failing to give their inexperienced PM’s the visibility they needed to succeed. PM’s often took on too many projects, deadlines were missed, and no one had the data to say what was causing these shortcomings.

Solution: Instead of going with more unwieldy tools like Primavera, Claudia opted for AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud, which would be much more user-friendly and promote standardization and customized data.

Benefits: Claudia’s team picked up AtTask immediately. The solution began providing real-time dashboards to keep management informed on the team’s productivity and financial performance. With full visibility into their projects, the team increased their on-time delivery by 125 percent.

“Before AtTask, we were getting out about six projects a year. We’ve had two years in a row now with 28 projects completed. AtTask has been a great, big part of that. It’s been a huge enabler in improving our processes.”

Scott Ellis Director of Engineering

Challenges: A homegrown tool and spreadsheets were giving the Engineering team only a fraction of the data they needed for excessive amounts of maintenance. Project engineers were wasting countless hours gathering updates from stakeholders, while losing time to work on their own tasks. Their key spreadsheet became so complex that it began to crash regularly.

Solution: AtTask presented the Engineering team with a solution that would be easily adopted by all members of their team and collect project data automatically as the team worked. The solution’s relational database would also let them create real-time reports customized to their needs.

Benefits: Freed from manual data gathering, the Engineering team was able to get more work done. They also had the project data necessary to streamline their processes. Turnaround time on customer quotes shrank from 14 to 5 days. Annual project capacity multiplied from 6 projects to 28.

  • Location:
    Oak Harbor, WA; Rohnert Park, CA; Middleboro, MA; Bristol, CT
  • Industry:
    Analytics Instruments, InVitro Diagnostics, Biotechnology, Fluidic Subcomponents
  • Department:
    Engineering, Supply Chain, Sales, Quality
  • Employees:
  • Read the success story.

“The value AtTask is the time savings of not having to chase down information. That isn't something that I can put a price on, because you don't get more time in the day. And I do feel like AtTask has given us time back in our day.”

Tiffany Schepens PMO Manager

Challenge: With data scattered between multiple tools, too much of the PMO’s time was spent on updating documents, calculating capacity, and compiling project information for leadership. Getting surprised by projects and feeling overwhelmed, they knew they would need a better solution to succeed in the coming year.

Solution: In AtTask, they recognized a solution that would be intuitive enough for all team members to adopt quickly. They could upload their historical data to more accurately forecast project due dates and resource needs right out of the gate. AtTask would also provide an on-site consultant to evaluate their processes and build best practices directly into Tampa General’s new solution.

Benefits: The PMO could see everything that was being worked on across the IT department. Freed from manual processes, the team got back 10% of their to improve their processes. Time spent on project meetings shrank by 67%. In three short months, their project success rate increased by 11%.

“AtTask has raised expectations. AtTask reports are being used at the project level, at the portfolio level, and at the division level to report up to the CIO, the Information Services Steering Committee and, ultimately, the Board of Directors. And the number of projects that we’ve been able to do with the new PMO and AtTask combined, it’s ridiculous. It’s like they were put on steroids or something.”

Tony Toglia Director, PMO

Challenge: Finding itself with a budgetary surplus and an aging infrastructure, the 280-bed organization brought in a new director to assemble a PMO, but they needed the right tool for their new team-a tool which would need to provide more transparency if they were to increase their throughput.

Solution: AtTask offered a relational database and intuitive interface that would allow the director and his team to create customized reports that would be updated in real-time.

Benefits: With the help of an on-site AtTask consultant, the solution was implemented in less than a month without using IT resources. Armed with real-time data and project updates, the new PMO increased their annual installs from 2 to 12.

“AtTask gave us a good visual dashboard for our leadership to see, on any given day, where our teams were spending their time, where they have bandwidth, and the type of resources we’d need to fill the gaps. It has given us a level of vision that we’ve never had before.”

Anna Peña Executive Director, Clinical Systems

“AtTask gives our team the ability to be proactive versus reactive. Our teams look at AtTask daily and can see a task or project coming in advance. This allows us to get tasks done early. Our team is focused on rapid delivery and now we have the visibility to support that.”

Chris Parisi VP of Technology

“As an administrator, I could search and create instant custom reports on any database field—faculty members, projects, hours, periods of time, or whatever. The other products we tried didn’t even come close to AtTask.”

Chris Lehmbeck Director of Darden Media

“It’s the ability for all the people across our different entities to collaborate and communicate that has been our biggest win with AtTask. AtTask has increased our quality of work and fostered a sense of trust between us and our customers.”

Joyce Szymberski BI Data Integration Manager

Challenges: Dean’s Business Intelligence team was having difficulty communicating the status of requests to their requestors, harming their credibility within the organization. They also struggled to get the visibility they needed among their own team members. This led to duplication of effort, inconsistent processes, and inability to measure performance.

Solution: A Dean manager attended a presentation given by an AtTask customer and recognized that it might be the answer to their challenges. They added the solution to their evaluation list, and, after a thorough vetting process, AtTask had outshone the competition.

Benefits: The centralized system of engagement in AtTask gave requesters and project managers full visibility into projects and processes, allowing them to pull up any task to see what had been accomplished in real time, to standardize and improve their processes. The operation gains from using AtTask prompted them to expand their license count to 800 across all of their entities.

“AtTask lets our people from Sydney to South Africa to Orlando easily work together on the same projects. It allows us to make intelligent decisions, focus on executing our strategy, and solve business problems.”

Andrew Goddard Director of Global IT PMO

Challenge: Using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and basic project management software, CHEP’s Global IT Project Management Office could not accurately track where IT team members were spending their time and how much time they were spending on different projects. Not only did this make it difficult to shift effort from tactical to strategic initiatives.

Solution: THe director of the PMO set out to find a fully integrated work management system. Looking for an easy-to-use interface, simple administration, flexible reporting, and customization were necessary, CHEP quickly eliminated a number of potential solutions and chose AtTask.

Benefits: The social media-like interface of AtTask spurred its widespread adoption among project managers and within IT. Within months, resources were rebalanced, and CHEP IT had raised their time spent on strategic projects consistently to 50 percent and above. Within two years, the solution was being used to handle 98 percent of all projects across their Supply Chain, CRM, Global Functions, and IT groups.

“Other products we looked at weren’t intuitive, and we needed a higher level of customization. But AtTask met all of our needs: it was easy to navigate, it was customizable, and it worked for every kind of user who would rely on it.”

Jennifer Sloat Senior Marketing Project Manager

“The real value of AtTask is that it puts the focus on planning and execution. Some people will say you can do this in a spreadsheet, but this is more than that. It’s the ability to have a central repository to slice and dice our initiatives so that we’re putting our limited resources in the right spots.”

Andy Kinnear Director of PMO

Challenge: The PMO at the large Ohio-based system had been working in a homegrown, Access-based tool with limited visibility. An expansion in their responsibilities to other portfolios required that they find a professional solution that could expand with them.

Solution: AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud offered the ability to standardize processes and reporting across diverse teams while still being customizable to their unique needs.

Benefits: AtTask gave the PMO the visibility to balance their resources, align their work with company strategy, and communicate more efficiently.

“We absolutely fell in love with AtTask. With its social media-like design, we knew our people would buy into it, and we were right.”

Scott Strohecker Assistant VP, Project Management, Members 1st Federal Credit Union

Challenges: At the largest credit union in Pennsylvania, the request management process was handled manually. When requests came in, they had to be copied and retyped into Excel spreadsheets for reporting purposes, eating up several hours of productivity every week. This process also left stakeholders out the loop and left executive management unequipped to properly approve and prioritize requests.

Solution: Determined to find a solution that would produce visibility, the Assistant VP of Project Management discovered AtTask. The solution would automatically gather project data and produce reports instantly, while its interface was intuitive enough that any person in his team could use it with minimal training. Members 1st began implementing the AtTask in January 2012.

Benefits: Team adoption of AtTask was phenomenal. Stakeholders were more than willing to go into the solution to submit requests and update project statuses. Notes and updates, captured in AtTask, provided a detailed audit trail for every task. Ultimately, this visibility spawned a greater awareness and accountability across the credit union and cut down dramatically on time spent in meetings. In one year with AtTask, Members 1st saw a 29% increase in the number of requests they have been able to complete.

  • Location:
    Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Industry:
    Credit Unions
  • Department:
    Project Management, Information Technology
  • Employees:
  • Read the success story.

“[AtTask] takes the guesswork out of which programs we focus on ... and having everybody interact in the right place at the right time.”

Thom Delozal Program Manager, Sealants, PPG Aerospace

Challenges: Amidst the division’s efforts to remain competitive and expand its global markets, the Sealants & Coating team was receiving an increasing number of new technology development requests. They had no single system for capturing their division’s work data, so data was often siloed in individual spreadsheets or stored in individuals’ notebooks. This lack of transparency was inefficient and risky. They needed a better work management solution if they were to remain competitive.

Solution: The team managers knew their solution had to be able to centralize information across
each division’s full range of programs while providing an intuitive interface to all personnel. After conducting trials of several systems, in January 2013, the managers chose AtTask.

Benefits: As processes became largely automated within AtTask, team members had more time to focus on their areas of expertise. While scheduling a meeting previously had taken up to two weeks to confirm, AtTask whittled the time down to two to three days. The program managers also used AtTask to automate the request process, cutting the time required in half. AtTask also made it easier for Thom to identify and stop programs that weren’t adding value, and ensure that team member work matched up with company objectives. Satisfied with their initial run on the solution, the managers began spreading the word about AtTask to other business units within PPG.

  • Location:
    Burbank, CA
  • Industry:
    Aerospace Sealants & Coatings
  • Department:
    Research & Development
  • Employees:
  • Read the success story.

“I can be in Stockholm and get a quick , transparent view into the state of my developer resources in Moscow. AtTask makes it so much easier to manage our workload efficiency, no matter where I am.”

Stefan Haag Managing Director

“The great part about AtTask is that we can see exactly where we're at with the project without even having to hold a full-blown discussion. Everything's so transparent now, we just look at our reporting tool and see that one team is done with their task and the project is with Compliance. Conversation's over.”

Casey Floyd AVP/Campaign Manager

Challenge: Having project data spread out through spreadsheets, emails, and a homegrown ticketing system was causing the bank’s marketing campaigns to underperform. Their marketing services group was wasting hours trying to communicate manually with stakeholders, as another PM software failed to be adopted by the team.

Solution: AtTask offered an on-site consultant to streamline the implementation process and set up work processes in AtTask that the team could use to standardize their processes and get better visibility.

Benefits: AtTask gave bank management real-time reports on the marketing service group’s activities, productivity, and resource needs. Able to see bottlenecks, and freed from manual processes, the team got back 30 percent of their time and began launching their campaigns in sync, resulting in better campaign ROI.

  • Location:
    Las Vegas, NV
  • Industry:
  • Department:
    Marketing Services
  • Employees:

“AtTask is very tactile and user-friendly, and that’s why we selected it... We’re able to push information to our guys in the field, and they can respond in real time.”

Tim Bagwell Project Manager

“AtTask is the master and source of our data. It improves our ability to communicate accurately with our customers. When problems arise on a project, AtTask helps us deal with them earlier.”

Chris Yadon VP of Operations

Challenge: Netsteps LLC, which specializes in large-scale, often national, enterprise software implementations, was experiencing significant growth but found that their tools were outmatched to the needs of their large clients. Extracting data was so time-consuming that most activities and benchmarks went unmeasured.

Solution: Netsteps’ VP of Operations set out to find a solution the entire organization could use and be customizable to each team’s work. He found in AtTask customizable workflow automation tools and reporting in a single cloud-based interface. Convinced AtTask was exactly what Netsteps needed, the VP of Operations purchased the solution for the entire organization.

Benefits: Netsteps began using AtTask across their entire organization and the solution quickly became their organization’s primary source of data. Real-time project data became instrumental in forecasting resource needs, giving more realistic estimates to customers, and keeping customers abreast of project statuses. With much of this work automated in AtTask, many team members got back 25% to 50% of their time to improve the projects and focus on customer needs.

  • Location:
    Lehi, UT
  • Industry:
  • Department:
    Finance, Software Development, Business Analysis, Help Desk
  • Employees:
  • Read the success story.

“Our increase in productivity was at least 65 percent with AtTask. It was big, because everything trickles down from the tools you use.”

Rehan Baaqri Senior Global PMO Manager

Challenge: Team members working in disparate tools like Microsoft Excel or Project were making it impossible to get visibility into resources and project statuses and updates.

Solution: Their senior managers recognized the need for a solution that would bring everyone into one standardized system of engagement, yet be intuitive for their inexperienced team to adopt easily. AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud emerged as a clear favorite.

Solution: With the help of an on-site AtTask implementation consultant, the Opera Solutions team created templates, dashboards, and automated workflows. Soon, the team’s work was visible from team members to management and productivity grew by 65 percent.

  • Location:
    Jersey City, NJ
  • Industry:
    Professional Services
  • Employees:

“The biggest thing with AtTask was the ability to get everything rolled up in one, to see everything in one view.”

John Novak Director, Network Services

“Few on our team had real project management experience, but AtTask turned us into true project managers overnight. It makes it easy to focus on the projects that strengthen the core goals of the organization.”

Faith Wurl Application Integration Project Manager